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Elmiron Mass Torts & Lawsuits

Elmiron Has Been Linked to Eye Damage

The Law Office of James E. Farmer, LLC is here to help anyone who has taken Elmiron for painful bladder syndrome but later developed an eye disease or injury. There could be a link between the prescription drug and the injury, which warrants a lawsuit. Many Elmiron users are now exploring their options like mass torts. Don’t miss out by failing to act.

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About the Elmiron Eye Disease Lawsuit

Elmiron is used to treat painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis. It has been the leading prescription medication for this bladder condition since the late ’90s. However, recent research has found that using Elmiron as directed could cause maculopathy, an eye disease that can result in blindness and other vision issues. Janssen Pharmaceutical has been accused of knowing that there could be a link between eye damage and Elmiron use, yet it never disclosed this information to the public or medical doctors who prescribe the drug. Many doctors prescribe 1500mg daily doses of Elmiron without being aware that it could be causing their patients to lose their vision.

Hidden Elmiron Dangers

In 2015, the Emory Eye Center in Atlanta noticed that a rare form of maculopathy had formed in six women. When looking for a common link between them, it immediately stood out that all six were Elmiron users, and for years, at that. This discovery prompted further research that reached the same conclusion: Elmiron can cause eye disease.

Still, there has not been an official Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigation into Elmiron’s clear link between its use and eye disease. Therefore, the packaging for the drug still does not mention it.

Fight for Compensation with Our Help

Were you diagnosed with maculopathy after taking Elmiron? You can probably sue Janssen Pharmaceutical for compensation, either in an individual lawsuit or as part of a mass tort. Let our Elmiron mass tort attorneys help you from start to finish.

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Elmiron Lawsuit FAQ

  • Should I stop taking Elmiron?
    You should not discontinue the use of any prescription medication without first talking with your doctor or primary care physician. You could put yourself in more danger by abruptly stopping the use of Elmiron, rather than switching to an alternative or taking a lesser dosage.
  • Who is eligible to file an Elmiron lawsuit?
    You might be able to file an Elmiron lawsuit if you are a legal adult, took Elmiron for at least one year, and have been diagnosed with maculopathy. Talk to us if you have any unique considerations, though, like being diagnosed shortly after starting Elmiron or if you have to file for someone else.
  • What can I recover from a successful Elmiron lawsuit?
    The value of your Elmiron lawsuit will depend on how badly you have been afflicted by maculopathy. We can sue for your past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, pain and suffering, and hardships caused by your permanent disability.

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