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Burn injuries are among the most traumatic and catastrophic injuries. A third-degree burn can cause physical scarring and a painful, prolonged recovery process. When steep hospital bills and lost wages are considered later, the entire situation can be as frustrating as it is physically harmful.
Farmer & Klopfer and our Upper Marlboro burn injury lawyers are here to help you navigate the legal process of seeking compensation for the losses caused by a severe burn injury. You can count on us to represent you in all situations, too, including filing a claim in court, communicating with the defendant, negotiating for a settlement, or litigating before a judge or jury. Your recovery is our priority.

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How Do Burn Injuries Happen?

Burn injuries can occur in various situations and come from different sources. Understanding the different sources of burn injuries can be essential to determine liability and pursue compensation for the damages you have suffered due to someone else’s mistakes.

Some of the usual sources of burn injuries include:

  • Open flames: This type of burn injury is commonly caused by fires in homes, workplaces, car accidents, etc. In some cases, negligence or faulty products may be responsible for these fires.
  • Hot surfaces: Contact with hot surfaces, such as stovetops, heating equipment, or hot liquids, can lead to serious burns. These accidents may happen in domestic or workplace settings due to inadequate safety measures or improper maintenance.
  • Electric shocks: Electrical burns can occur when a person comes into contact with live electrical circuits, exposed wires, or malfunctioning electrical equipment. These injuries can be severe and may result from negligence or product defects.
  • Hazardous substances: Exposure to hazardous substances, such as chemicals or acids, can cause chemical burns. These injuries often occur in industrial settings or as a result of unsafe cleaning products sold to the general public.

Types of Negligence That Can Cause a Burn Injury

Negligence plays a significant role in many burn injury cases. When an individual or entity fails to exercise reasonable care and causes harm to others, such as in the form of a severe burn injury, they can be held liable for the resulting damages. Identifying the specific type of negligence involved in a burn injury case will help us establish liability and pursue compensation in your name.

Three common forms of negligence that can contribute to burn injuries are:

  • Product liability: Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can be held liable for negligence if they produce or sell defective products that cause burn injuries. This may include faulty electrical devices, flammable materials, or improperly labeled hazardous substances.
  • Negligent maintenance: This occurs when property owners or managers fail to adequately maintain their premises or equipment, leading to dangerous conditions such as faulty wiring or malfunctioning appliances that may cause burns.
  • Negligent supervision: In situations where individuals are responsible for the safety of others, such as daycare providers or employers, failure to properly supervise activities or enforce safety protocols can lead to burn injuries.
  • Burn injuries can also be the result of a violent accident, like a truck accident. In such a situation, it will be important to investigate the cause of the accident overall.

Different Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are medically categorized by degrees. The higher the degree, the worse the injury. By learning about the degree of your burn injury, we can better understand how it will affect your life, possibly for years to come.

The categories of burn injuries include:

  • First-degree: A first-degree burn is mild but can still be painful for a while. Typically, no professional medical attention is required.
  • Second-degree: A second-degree burn is moderate and should be treated at an urgent care facility as soon as possible. Untreated second-degree burns may become infected or cause a permanent debilitation, depending on where it is located on the body.
  • Third-degree: A third-degree burn is severe and requires emergency medical care. Even with emergency treatment, some third-degree burns can cause permanent injuries or even death.
  • Fourth-degree or higher: A burn that is categorized as fourth-degree or more is typically not considered survivable due to the severity and extent of the burns.

What are the Long-Term Effects of a Serious Burn?

Serious burn injuries can have a lasting impact on your life, affecting your physical and emotional well-being. The long-term consequences of these injuries often go beyond the initial pain and suffering, necessitating ongoing medical care and rehabilitation.

Long-term effects of serious burn injuries can include:

  • Scarring and disfigurement: Severe burns can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement, which can be emotionally distressing and may require multiple surgeries or treatments to minimize their appearance.
  • Limited mobility: Burn injuries can lead to the loss of range of motion in affected areas, especially when joints are involved. This may result from scar tissue formation, muscle damage, or nerve damage, requiring ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Chronic pain: Some burn injury victims may experience chronic pain as a result of nerve damage, skin graft procedures, or other complications associated with the healing process.
  • Emotional trauma: The psychological impact of a serious burn injury can be profound, leading to depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This may require long-term therapy and support to cope with the emotional challenges.

What Damages Can You Recover in a Burn Injury Claim?

When pursuing a burn injury claim, the goal is to recover compensation for the various damages incurred because of the injury. These damages aim to address the physical, emotional, and financial burdens caused by the burn. We hope to maximize the recoverable amount, so you can regain financial stability in your life.

Typical damages that could be recovered in a burn injury case include:

  • Medical expenses: This covers the cost of medical treatment, surgeries, medications, therapy, and any ongoing or future medical care related to the injury.
  • Lost wages: Compensation for the time missed at work due to the injury, as well as any potential loss of future earning capacity if the injury impacts the ability to continue working in the same capacity.
  • Pain and suffering: Monetary compensation for the physical pain, discomfort, and emotional distress experienced as a result of the burn injury.
  • Disfigurement and scarring: Damages may be awarded for the permanent disfigurement or scarring caused by the burn injury, which can have a significant impact on the individual's self-esteem and quality of life.

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