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damaged hood of car from car accident

Law Office of James E. Farmer Lands 2 Wins, Even During COVID-19 Shutdowns

Nothing can slow down our team from the Law Office of James E. Farmer, LLC in Waldorf. Major insurance companies and their corporate defense teams cannot intimidate us. Not even a global pandemic can interrupt our tireless pursuit of justice for our clients, as two recent case results can prove. Many were worried that the lockdown procedures put in place during the coronavirus pandemic would interrupt personal injury claims to the point that new plaintiffs would run out of options. We are proud to show that great work for hardworking people can still be done with focus, determination, and extensive experience.

$100,000 Insurance Payout After a Red-Light Crash

Our client, a 22-year old waitress, was in the car with her mother when another driver ran a red light and crashed into the passenger side of her vehicle. The liable driver only had $30,000 in coverage, which their insurance company offered to settle, hoping to close it out quickly. However, our client had a $100,000 insurance policy that was provided by underinsured motorist coverage. After receiving hospital treatments, chiropractor care, and injection treatments with a pain management doctor, we estimated her case was worth well over $100,000.

The insurance company refused to offer their full policy, which would have been an additional $70,000 for our client. We agreed to have an arbitrator decide the case. He determined that our client’s damages were well in excess of $100,000, and, therefore, the car insurance company needed to pay that extra $70,000 that they otherwise never would have given to our client without our help.

$190,000 Settlement for Car Accident Client

We represented a client who was cut off by a driver, who interrupted our client’s right of way. The liable driver turned left directly in front of our client’s vehicle as our client was traveling a two-lane street in the opposite direction. Our client suffered a painful fractured wrist that continues to bother her to this day. Bizarrely, the defense insurance company claimed that she was fully healed and did not have a permanent injury, despite the contrary evidence. We settled for $190,000 confidentially and out of court, which our client sees as a thrilling victory.

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