How to Prevent Drunk Driving During the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is almost upon us and, like most, you are likely planning to celebrate it by either hosting your own parties or attending a few. Holiday parties are a lot of fun and are often a time to reconnect with friends or family members you might not have seen much throughout the year. However, before you start reminiscing over a few cocktails, take a moment to review some of our tips on how you can help prevent drunk driving this holiday season.

Plan Ahead, Raise a Glass

Drinking and celebrations often go hand in hand, but if you plan on enjoying a glass of champagne or another festive drink, you should also plan on getting home safely. If you are hosting a party, be responsible and ensure none of your friends or family get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having a couple of drinks.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are among some of the most dangerous holidays to hit the road, so it is important for us all to do what we can to ensure we are not contributing to those dangers.

Here are some tips to help you prevent drunk driving during the holidays:

  1. Watch out for drunk drivers: If you are on the road during peal drunk driving hours, watch out for those who are driving slowly, struggling to stay in their lane, or driving recklessly. If possible, dial 9-1-1 to report them and provide the license plate, if possible. You might save someone’s life.
  1. Be a good host: If you are hosting your own parties this year, serve food or arrange a potluck-style gathering. If most of your offerings are strictly alcohol, your guests are more likely to get excessively drunk. You should also offer non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers or guests who plan on being sober for the evening. If you notice one of your guests is drunk, make sure they find other means of transportation, so they can arrive home safely.
  1. Be a good guest: Hosts should be responsible and do their best to ensure their guests are not drinking to the point of becoming blackout drunk, but guests should also be mindful of their behavior as well. If you plan on drinking, do not drive. Use a ride-sharing service, a taxi, or carpool with a friend who plans on staying sober for the night. Do not be that guest your friends have to worry about.
  1. Pay attention to your children: Your college-age children might be home for the holidays and, if they are, try to be attentive and ask where they are going and how they plan on returning home if they are drinking. They might not like the idea of their parents monitoring, them, but at least they will know you care.

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