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Town hopes to reduce injuries caused by pedestrian accidents

Ocean City, Maryland, is a popular resort town that is known for its almost 2.5-mile-long wooden boardwalk that features shops, restaurants and a fair-sized amusement park at the end. However, it is also known for a high number of pedestrian accidents and the serious injuries that victims suffer. The town recently announced that it was taking steps to try and reduce these serious accidents.

Over a five-year period, from 2011 to 2016, officials reported 155 pedestrian accidents. Of that number, three involved fatalities. It is unknown how serious the injuries were for the majority of the victims, as those details were not included in the report. However, so far this season, the town has reported one fatal accident that involved a driver who was later charged with driving under the influence.

The town's officials have decided that, in conjunction with their campaign to encourage safe walking habits, it will now install a median fence along a portion of the coastal highway. The barrier is expected to protect motorists and cyclists as well as pedestrians. It will span an estimated 2.7 miles and is planned to be completed before summer of next year. Construction is slated to begin by October and will cost an estimated $7 million, which includes the barrier fencing and landscaping enhancements.

Town officials are hoping that the new fence will be an effective aid that will enhance the town's existing safety measures, which includes educating both tourists and residents about the need for mindful traveling, whether by foot or vehicle. In the meantime, all travelers may benefit from being extra vigilant in areas where there is increased traffic along with pedestrians. When a Maryland resident suffers injuries in a serious collision, he or she likely faces not only the misery that comes with the physical injuries, but also the stresses caused by the monetary losses that accumulate and tend to compound their sufferings. Successful litigation efforts through the civil court systems may provide relief for these damages, thereby freeing the victim to focus on his or her physical recovery.

Source:, "Ocean City plans Coastal Highway median fence", Reed Shelton, Aug. 25, 2017

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