We Go Up Against Big Truck Companies And Win

Truckers and trucking companies continuously violate trucking regulations, putting the public in harm's way. We believe negligent drivers and companies can and should be held accountable when they cause truck accidents resulting in serious injuries or death.

At the Law Office of James E. Farmer, LLC, we are proud to take a stand for truck accident victims. From our law office in Waldorf, we provide unwavering legal support to victims and their loved ones across Maryland.

We handle truck accident cases on a contingency basis, meaning we charge no lawyer's fees unless we recover compensation. Incidental expenses may apply.

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Involved In A Truck Accident? You Deserve Answers And Compensation.

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of trucking regulations. We are well-equipped to investigate crashes and uncover truck company or truck driver negligence, securing every penny our clients deserve under the law.

When our personal injury team takes on a truck accident claim, we explore every angle to find evidence of:

  • Excessive speed
  • Drug or alcohol use by the trucker
  • Falsified logbooks
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • An improperly loaded or overloaded truck
  • Negligent maintenance on the truck

Remember: The truck company and its insurance company are not on your side. Giving a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster without your attorney present is extremely risky. Before talking to the insurance company, call us at 301-965-0630.

What Is Your Case Worth?

Truck accidents tend to cause very serious injuries, from brain trauma to paralysis. In many cases, they result in fatal injuries.

Our experienced legal team takes aggressive action against truck companies and their insurance providers to get our clients full compensation for all of their losses — from medical expenses to lost wages to pain and suffering. As your legal representation, we will aim to reach a settlement that provides you with the money you need to cope in the aftermath of an accident — today and in the long term.

We know how to recover maximum compensation for our clients. Review our record of accomplishments. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars.

Get A Free Case Review Today

When you are involved in a truck accident in Maryland, you need to act fast to protect your right to seek full and fair compensation.

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