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front end of totaled car

Law Office of James E. Farmer, LLC Legal Team Recovered $145,000 for Car Accident Injury Victim

Our attorneys represented a car accident injury victim in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court, resulting in a $145,000 verdict for the client.

The plaintiff in this case was injured in a T-bone accident when another driver ran a red light. He sustained minimal property damage but suffered from painful injuries such as neck and back herniation and a lower disc injury. He visited an emergency room immediately after the collision to treat his injuries and was prescribed medication along with physical therapy.

Attorney James E. Farmer and Attorney Michael A. Klopfer represented the accident victim in a trial held in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court. Through litigation, we pursued benefits from the defendant, Liberty Mutual. Despite the plaintiff’s purchase of a policy and his payment of premiums, the insurance company did not offer substantial benefits. He had a $100,000 underinsured motorist policy, however, the insurance provider only offered $7,000 in coverage. He was also offered $30,000 in liability coverage from Geico. The defense required a medical exam from the plaintiff yet did not use evidence from a medical expert in the trial, a point that was emphasized throughout the case. We presented an MRI scan of the plaintiff’s neck and back as evidence of his injuries.

The jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff and decided on a verdict totaling $145,000 — $20,000 was allotted to cover financial damages and $125,000 was provided for non-economic damages.

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