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Prevalent News Stories in the Southern Maryland Community

State v. Bush 
Mr. D. Bush faced approximately 50 years in jail with a mandatory minimum sentence. James F. Farmer, in plea talks with the prosecutor, was able to point out several technical problems with the State’s case. As a result of Mr. Farmer’s legal work, Mr. Bush walked out of court with only a minimal fine. Under normal circumstances, Mr. Bush would have suffered a significant period of incarceration. 

State v. Darus 
Mr. D. Darus faced numerous charges after allegedly striking a police officer and fleeing on foot. He also had an extensive criminal history. The “Copper Bopper” was represented by James F. Farmer, who was able to get most of the charges thrown out. The case was resolved with Mr. Darus having to pay a mere $200 fine; most of the charges were dismissed because of Mr. Farmer’s hard work and expertise. 

“I didn’t believe that Mr. Farmer could get the results that he did,” said Darus at the conclusion of his case. “I am eternally grateful.”

Juvenile Case 
James F. Farmer represented a juvenile who was accused of writing a “hit list” in which he threatened to kill teachers, members of the school faculty and other students. When Mr. Farmer was retained by the youth’s family, the school administration had already suspended him and was in the process of trying to expel this student from the county school system. Mr. Farmer was able to convince the school administration that this case did not warrant such a dire consequence for this particular young man. As a result of his efforts, the school decided not to expel this student. 

This juvenile will now be able to apply and be accepted into colleges without the stigma of an expulsion on his record. Needless to say, his parents were extremely impressed with the results and extremely grateful for Mr. Farmer’s hard work.