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Record Judgment Awarded in St. Mary’s County

Record Judgment in the amount of $1.25 million received by Claimant. The law office of James E. Farmer, LLC, was involved in a record settlement stemming from an automobile accident in St. Mary’s County. James F. Farmer, Esquire, was able to negotiate a $1.25 million settlement for a 23-year-old woman who was seriously injured. Mr. Farmer, upon taking the case, knew that the Defendant owned a waterfront farm in an adjoining county and pursuant to the law in Maryland regarding fraudulent transfers, he filed suit immediately. The insurance policy that covered the Defendant was $500,000 and the insurance company made an offer for a full and final settlement of $500,000 to Mr. Farmer and his client. Mr. Farmer flatly rejected the offer, proceeded to have the farm appraised and was able to receive an additional $750,000 from the Defendant personally in order to compensate his client for the accident. Part of the ongoing preparation by James E. Farmer, LLC, was having an economist calculate future lost wages for the client since she had to change career fields. The medical testimony also demonstrated a large amount of future medical bills for required care to bring her back to her pre-accident state. To the best of any recollection and review of the court records, there has never been such a large settlement in this county, nor has any Plaintiff ever received such a large sum of money.

The damages for the client are discussed in the article, Failing Economy Slows Settlement from 2007 Crash (The Enterprise, Friday, Feb 27, 2009). This was the third time in the last eighteen months that James E. Farmer, LLC, had received a significant amount of money from a Defendant by pursuing a Defendant’s assets beyond the insurance policy limits.