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Woman dies after tragic crosswalk accident

Many northeastern cities are pedestrian friendly. Some authorities in Maryland have initiated campaigns urging both pedestrians and drivers to be vigilant in hopes of preventing unnecessary tragedies. Authorities believe that both motorists and pedestrians must adhere to traffic laws to ensure safety for all. Despite the campaigns, pedestrian accidents still occur. One crosswalk accident has recently ended in tragedy.

Woman suffers injuries and dies after being hit by car

It is becoming popular again to live in communities where walking can be a primary mode of transportation. In some parts of the country, such as Maryland, a pedestrian lifestyle has been a way of life for a long time. Unfortunately, the mixture of pedestrian traffic with motor vehicles can result in serious and sometimes tragic pedestrian accidents. One Maryland woman recently was struck by a car as she was walking across a street and suffered serious injuries.

Town hopes to reduce injuries caused by pedestrian accidents

Ocean City, Maryland, is a popular resort town that is known for its almost 2.5-mile-long wooden boardwalk that features shops, restaurants and a fair-sized amusement park at the end. However, it is also known for a high number of pedestrian accidents and the serious injuries that victims suffer. The town recently announced that it was taking steps to try and reduce these serious accidents.

Some Maryalnd pedestrians at higher risk for injuries

While it may take longer to reach one's destination by walking, many people may believe that it is safer than driving when going short distances. Nevertheless, a pedestrian can suffer serious or even fatal injuries when he or she is struck by a motor vehicle. Some Maryland residents may be at higher risk of being involved in one of these tragic accidents.

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