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Studies show some technology may decrease serious car accidents

Americans have a strong love for freedom and independence, and one of the most prominent symbols of those ideals is the automobile. However, over time, these machines have also destroyed countless lives due to tragic and often preventable car accidents. Many Maryland families have had their lives forever changed in the aftermath of these horrifying collisions.

Recently, two studies were conducted that tested the efficiency of two new safety options on some vehicles. The studies focused on the optional lane and blind spot warning systems. The first safety feature alerts a driver when he or she begins to drift out of the established lane of travel. This warning system has shown to be effective in preventing side-swipe and head-on crashes.

The other monitoring system alerts drivers when an object has entered into the blind-spot on the side-view mirrors. According to the studies that were conducted by researchers, these warnings also were highly effective in preventing accidents that occur during lane changes. Though the studies did not include some of the usual controls, the data still showed that serious and fatal crashes were greatly reduced when these warning systems were in use.

Some have expressed reservations concerning the implementation of these advances. It has been shown that approximately half of all drivers who have these features disable them, as they claim that the sounds and warning lights are a distraction. Furthermore, some studies have shown that drivers appear to become more complacent when these features are in use. In spite of all of the new advancements, serious and fatal car accidents are likely to continue into the foreseeable future. Maryland families who have suffered the devastating effects caused by a serious crash may choose to seek relief for their monetary damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

Source:, "Studies: Automated safety systems are preventing car crashes", Joan Lowy, Aug. 23, 2017

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