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2-car crash results in 4 injured victims

It only takes a moment for an accident to change lives temporarily or for a lifetime. The moment may be as simple as playing with the radio, picking up a cell phone or talking to someone else in the car. A very simple moment may result in serious injuries, permanent disabilities, expensive medical treatment and/or death. Unfortunately, four crash victims in Maryland are in the midst of understanding how their injuries may or may not impact their lives.

At the time of the report, the authorities did not have many details to report about the accident. The car accident only involved two vehicles, and four total people were injured. At this time, the events preceding the accident are unknown. The impact of the crash resulted in one car crashing into the gate of a nearby school property.

2 children killed in tragic car crash

Losing one child is devastating, but losing two unexpectedly is difficult to imagine. Sadly, one Maryland family recently had to process the deaths of two children. The adult children were the unfortunate victims of an early morning crash.

The crash occurred at a busy intersection. Reportedly, the 27-year-old male driver was making a left turn at the intersection when the accident occurred. According to the investigation, the driver had a green turn signal when a pickup truck ran a red light and crashed into the driver's door.

Fatal injuries are more likely in a motorcycle crash

As summer comes to an end and the pleasant weather of fall arrives, motorcyclists are likely to be out enjoying their ride. Unfortunately, Maryland roads are often dangerous for riders due to the fact that riders must share the roadways with much larger vehicles. A crash with any larger vehicle often results in serious injuries for a rider. Recently, three different riders have suffered serious injuries and died following motorcycle accidents.

The most recent accident involved an 18-year-old man. His motorcycle was hit by a larger SUV. His injuries were so severe that he died before he could be transported for medical care. Two other motorcycle fatalities have recently occurred, also resulting in the death of the riders.

Key facts about teen drivers, distraction and car accidents

As a parent, you know very well how distracted teenagers get. Your own child constantly goes on their smartphone or computer, even in the middle of conversations. It's just part of life. You try to work your way through it at home, but what really worries you is that your teen is going to get a driver's license in a few short years. Is that same sort of distraction going to carry over to the highway?

It very well could. Distraction is one of the top reasons for teen car accidents. Even now, you could face high risks every time you share the road with teen drivers. Below are some key facts that can help you understand the situation a bit more thoroughly.

Woman falls on slippery floor at a Hampton Inn and files lawsuit

"Slippery when wet" signs can be seen in most places of business and other places that may entertain members of the public when a danger may exist. Failure to fix a potential safety hazard, or failure to provide adequate signage, can be considered negligence and result in a civil lawsuit. Maryland residents may be interested in one couple's recent premises liability lawsuit against a well-known hotel chain after falling on a slippery floor.

The woman was on the premises of a Hampton Inn Hotel when the accident occurred. She claims that the hotel floor was soaked with a substance, resulting in a fall. In addition to a slippery floor, the woman also claims that there was inadequate signage for warning of the potential damage.

Distracted driving may have resulted in head-on crash

Five employees of a Maryland gas station experienced a shock on a recent workday. The employees witnessed the unfortunate aftermath of a head-on crash. It is possible that the crash may have occurred as a result of distracted driving.

In the early stages of the investigation, authorities believe that a Jeep hit a curb and crossed the median into the opposite lane of traffic. Unfortunately, the Jeep crashed head-on into two other vehicles, resulting in the horrific crash that ultimately involved four vehicles. One vehicle took the brunt of the impact, and the driver reportedly suffered the most severe injuries.

Hit-and-run car crash results in woman's death

The safety of Maryland roadways depends on responsible driving of all drivers, road conditions and well-maintained roads. When a vehicle is operated in a negligent manner, it can be dangerous for anyone nearby. Sadly, serious injuries and one death resulted after a recent three-vehicle crash. 

Reportedly, a minivan crossed over the center line of the roadway into the opposite lane of traffic. The minivan would have struck the car head-on, but the driver reacted and turned the car, resulting in the impact of the crash occurring on the passenger side. The minivan flipped over, and its occupants ran away. A search is in progress for the hit-and-run driver. 

Maryland single car crash kills two teenagers

Most Maryland motorists are likely aware that they can be legally liable for any negligent actions that may result in a car accident. Some may not realize that they can also be liable for any injuries and/or death of passengers in their vehicle. Sadly, negligent driving may have been a factor in the recent deaths of two teenagers in a single car crash.

The vehicle was traveling with three teenage passengers. Because the investigation is still pending, not all of the details are known, but authorities believe that speeding and alcohol may have been a factor. While traveling, the sedan struck a guardrail, then skidded across the road to a stop.

Woman arrested following drunk driving accident

It is not always immediately clear what events may have proceeded an accident or if a driver acted negligently; collecting and examining evidence can take time. Sometimes, one or more drivers will be issued citations or arrested for actions proceeding a crash. In a recent fatal pedestrian accident, it was not immediately clear that the tragedy was the result of a drunk driving accident. The 22-year-old Maryland driver has recently been arrested, following evidence of alcohol and other controlled substances in her vehicle at the time of the crash.

The accident occurred first thing in the morning when a grandmother and granddaughter were taking a walk on a sidewalk. Initially, it was apparent that the 22-year-old driver lost control when she rounded the curve of an intersection, but it was not evident why she lost control. Sadly, the loss of control resulted in her vehicle striking the grandmother and granddaughter, causing fatal injuries.

Maryland drug possession laws are very harsh

People who are addicted to drugs will often do whatever they have to do to get their fix. They typically don't worry about having to face criminal charges because of the drugs. When they do get caught having an illegal substance, they will face drug possession charges.

There are many factors that are considered in these cases. The type of drug, the quantity and the intended purpose are some of the points the court looks at. Here are some important things to know about these drug possession charges in Maryland.

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