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Homeowners awakened by car crash into house

Homeowners who have a basement may be worried about several things such as the structure of basement walls, critters and water intrusion. It is unlikely that many homeowners would expect to find a vehicle crashed through the basement of their home. Unfortunately, the actions of one driver may have resulted in a multi-vehicle crash that ended with a vehicle wreck in a nearby Maryland home.

Only some of the details of the accident have been reported, but it is suspected that one driver intentionally crashed into another vehicle in a nearby intersection, resulting in the damaged home. The alleged intentional crash also involved a third vehicle and caused injury to two individuals, an adult male and a baby. Both were transported for medical care.

Justice is questioned after fatal drunk driving accident

The criminal justice system can be very confusing and frustrating for anyone not familiar with the process. Previous criminal cases, laws and collected evidence in every case can affect how charges are or are not handled. One Maryland family is grieving the loss of three children and are upset that the driver assumed to be responsible for their deaths has not been criminally charged for the drunk driving accident in which he was involved.

Reportedly, two parents and their three children were stopped at a light when a 27-year-old male driver crashed into the vehicle. The male driver was driving a pickup truck and allegedly did not attempt to stop. The pickup truck crashed into the rear of the sedan and came to a stop on top of the back of the vehicle. Sadly, the children suffered serious injuries and died.

Brain injuries, mood swings and personality changes

One of the potential long-term impacts of a brain injury is a change to your personality. It may never change back. Even after the brain has physically healed, you may seem different to friends and family members.

The reality is that healing is not always as complete and perfect as you want it to be. You may see this in other areas, as well. A back injury heals, but you always have slight back pain and can't do as much as you did before. A knee injury heals, but you always know when the barometer drops because it starts to hurt.

3 children die in crash likely caused by drunk driver

A tragic accident in the Oxon Hill area of Maryland claimed the lives of three young children, and it is possible drunk driving is to blame. At the time of the crash, the kids were in a car with their parents, stopped at a light. A pickup truck struck the car, and reports indicate that the driver did not make an attempt to slow down, stop or avoid colliding with the car.

After impact, the truck actually came to a stop on top of the rear portion of the car where the children were sitting. The collision claimed the lives of 5-year-old twins and their younger 1-year-old sibling. The parents also suffered serious injuries. The driver of the truck appeared to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash, according to those who responded to the accident. 

Maryland woman killed in hit-and-run accident

Many individuals enjoy that many Maryland cities promote a pedestrian lifestyle. Unfortunately, pedestrians must often cross busy roadways occupied by larger vehicles and mass transit vehicles. A momentary distraction by a driver can result in a pedestrian accident. Unfortunately, individuals struck by vehicles often suffer serious injuries and/or death. Authorities are currently investigating a recent hit-and-run accident that resulted in one woman's death.

The accident occurred on an early recent morning, and few details have been reported in the pending investigation. A 63-year-old woman was walking when she was struck by an unidentified driver. Officials believe that the vehicle was white, and they anticipate that the vehicle has damage on the front of the vehicle or on the windshield.

Car crash claims 1 woman's life, leads to 1 man's arrest

A woman in Maryland recently lost her life in a tragic motor vehicle accident. The hit-and-run crash involved three automobiles and occurred late at night on a Saturday. Police said they arrested the driver who fled the scene of the accident.

The car crash occurred at a little before 11 p.m. Police said that the woman, a rheumatologist, was driving her car through an intersection because she had the green light. However, another car suddenly hit her car and pushed it into another motor vehicle. The woman ended up passing away at the crash scene.

Preventing car accidents during the holiday season

As Maryland readers know, the holiday season means there are more people on the roads than during other times of the year. As a result, the chance of car accidents also increases as drivers engage in dangerous behaviors such as drunk, drugged or distracted driving. In order to bring awareness to this problem and hopefully encourage drivers to make smart choices, December is now National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month. 

One of the main reasons for increased car accidents during this time of year is an increase of drunk driving. When going to holiday parties, drivers should think ahead to whether or not alcohol will be served and how they will get home. Hosts should also provide non-alcoholic drinks for those who need to drive, and they should also refuse to allow inebriated guests to leave and get behind the wheel of the car. Calling for a cab or using services like Uber or Lyft are also smart choices after drinking.

Young child suffers serious injuries from bus stop violation

A Maryland survey recently reported alarming findings on the safety of children at bus stops. The survey revealed as many as 3,812 bus-stop violations in one day. Many of the violations involved drivers driving around buses as children attempt to board or disembark a bus at stops. Sadly, a little girl suffered serious injuries when a woman disregarded a bus' stop signs and flashing lights.

The bus was transporting students from the school to their homes when the accident occurred. Apparently, the 7-year-old girl had to cross the street to get to her home. Reportedly, a 35-year-old woman driving a pickup truck ignored the bus stop signs and decided to pass the stopped bus. In the process, she struck the girl.

How the Fourth Amendment can help you in a drug charge

Facing a drug possession accusation can be a stressful situation. There are many possible defenses to drug charges, but it is important that the defendant in question is aware of these defenses so that they can apply them to their individual situation.

If you were subject to a search and seizure that led to a drug charge, it is vital that you understand your Fourth Amendment rights. This is because it is possible that these rights may lead to your charges being dismissed.

Was crash caused by truck driver error or equipment failure?

Occupants of passenger vehicles have little chance of escaping accidents unscathed if big rigs are involved. In fact, the consequences of such crashes in Maryland frequently include catastrophic injuries and fatalities. While many such collisions are blamed on truck driver error, equipment failure has been found to cause many commercial vehicle accidents.

Although most truckers comply with prescribed regulations, some disregard safety guidelines by overloading their vehicles or failure to ensure loads are balanced and cargo secured adequately. Drivers' abilities could also be impaired by fatigue, alcohol or drug use. However, in many cases, employers fail to provide the necessary specialized training to big rig drivers. In other instances, drivers might have to deal with unrealistic deadlines and work schedules that force them to drive for more than the allowed hours before resting.

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