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Car accidents: Off-duty officer killed protecting crash victim

In recent years, the reputation of law enforcement has suffered throughout the United States. Despite the negative media, most law enforcement officers are considered heroes for risking their lives every day to protect and serve their communities. One Maryland off-duty officer recently displayed heroism when he stopped to assist a crash victim. Unfortunately, it was the first of three car accidents, and he was sadly killed in the process. 

The 33-year-old officer stopped to assist an FBI Supervisory Special Agent who had crashed his vehicle. The officer used his own vehicle to attempt to protect the agent's car and to alert other vehicles of the crash. The men were apparently concerned for their safety and moved to the shoulder of the interstate. 

Crushing injuries: Toxins make these injuries life threatening

In a crash, one kind of injury a person could suffer is a crushing injury. A crushing injury is bad enough as it is, but there are also life-threatening complications of crushing injuries that patients face once they're freed from the weight of an object.

Crushing injuries damage muscles, bones, tissues and ligaments. On top of that, they cause the muscles to release toxins, which could put your life at risk.

Television excutive suffers broken bones at Emmys

People in Maryland often enjoy viewing Hollywood award shows such as the Emmys and Oscars which are usually full of glitz and glamor and attended by some of  Hollywood's elite. Unfortunately, for one television executive, the 2016 Emmys resulted in her being hospitalized with broken bones. She has recently filed a lawsuit against several organizations for their alleged negligence that she claims resulted in her fall. 

Nancy Lesser is a successful Executive Vice President of HBO for media and talent. She attended the 2016 Emmys and was headed to a nearby ball that followed the show when the accident occurred. She states that there were some cutouts in the concrete that they were forced to walk on that could not be seen due to poor lighting and the large number of people that were directed by Emmy management to walk in the direction of the ball. She claims that the cut out resulted in a fall that caused her to land on her hip.

Commercial truck accident: Driver sentenced to probation

All too often, Maryland authorities have to inform families of a loved one's tragic death. The deaths are typically the result of a fatal motor vehicle or commercial truck accident. One Maryland family has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the aftermath of a fatal collision after the death of their loved one.

A 44-year-old female woman was driving a sedan when a trash truck collided with her vehicle, causing her death. Apparently, the trucker was charged with negligent manslaughter following the accident investigation. Earlier this month he pleaded guilty in criminal court. If the man violates any of the conditions of his five-year probation, he could spend up to three years in prison. His probation includes random urine drug tests as well as mental evaluation and treatment.

Woman dies after tragic crosswalk accident

Many northeastern cities are pedestrian friendly. Some authorities in Maryland have initiated campaigns urging both pedestrians and drivers to be vigilant in hopes of preventing unnecessary tragedies. Authorities believe that both motorists and pedestrians must adhere to traffic laws to ensure safety for all. Despite the campaigns, pedestrian accidents still occur. One crosswalk accident has recently ended in tragedy.

The 78-year-old female victim was crossing a busy intersection in the crosswalk when she was struck by a vehicle. The pickup truck that struck her was driven by a 78-year-old man. The woman was horrifically trapped under the truck and dragged approximately 40 feet. She suffered serious injuries and emergency workers had hope that she would stabilize. She was airlifted to a hospital, but she later died.

Woman suffers injuries and dies after being hit by car

It is becoming popular again to live in communities where walking can be a primary mode of transportation. In some parts of the country, such as Maryland, a pedestrian lifestyle has been a way of life for a long time. Unfortunately, the mixture of pedestrian traffic with motor vehicles can result in serious and sometimes tragic pedestrian accidents. One Maryland woman recently was struck by a car as she was walking across a street and suffered serious injuries.

The accident apparently occurred at dusk, following the end of the workday rush hour. The 57-year-old victim was crossing the southbound lanes when she was struck. The southbound traveling 24-year-old man that struck her was driving a small sedan.

Maryland car accidents can end in tragedy

The urge to drive just a little faster can be overpowering. Perhaps the Maryland resident is running late for work or in just in a hurry to get home. Regardless of the reason, speed limits are in place to keep drivers safe. When drivers choose to disregard these speed limits, car accidents are often the result.

Recently, the driver of a vehicle was speeding on Route 31. A police officer traveling in the opposite direction noticed the excessive speed and turned around in an attempt to detain the driver who was clocked driving in excess of 100 mph. Unfortunately, the officer caught up with the driver too late.

Lawsuit against stadium for failure to provide safe premise

Thousands of Maryland residents attend events in stadiums every year. Due to the large amounts of people that are shuttled in and out of stadiums for events, it is important for stadium owners and operators to understand any safety risks that could be present. When there is a failure to provide safe premise, serious injuries can occur. Sadly, for one family in another state, they lost their loved one in an unfortunate and tragic slip-and-fall accident last year at a stadium.

The 36-year-old man had attended a National Football League Denver Broncos game in their Mile High Stadium prior to his accident. Apparently, he was in a stairwell when the accident occurred. He fell over the railing, suffered serious injuries and did not survive.

Medical marijuana in Maryland is off to an excellent start

As of September 2017, four years following the legalization of medical marijuana in Maryland, 19 companies have obtained authorization to grow, process and sell medical marijuana products in our state. Over the last several months, the plants have been growing in preparation for conversion into creams, oils and capsules.

At the beginning of 2018, the marijuana products should be available for sale in marijuana dispensaries throughout the state of Maryland.

School bus driver causes Maryland crash

Although school bus drivers are trusted to get students to and from school, accidents do happen. Some accidents are no fault of the driver, but unfortunately, some drivers are found culpable. In a recent Maryland crash, a school bus driver was found at fault for reportedly speeding, which caused a severe accident that injured five. 

On a past Monday, early morning traffic was delayed when a school bus that was in route to drop off its students crashed. The driver of the bus is said to have been speeding, which caused her to lose control while attempting to exit the route. The bus flipped onto its side where it abruptly stopped. A car in the northbound lane then collided with the bus. 

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