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Car accidents: Guardrails being removed on Maryland roads

When driving by guardrails and other safety items on roads, Maryland residents may not suspect that the items could be a danger to them in the event of an accident. Reports of serious car accidents all across the country, including one fatal one in Maryland, have highlighted the danger that can exist on Maryland roads. After a long investigation of a particular type of a Lindsay X-Lite guardrail installed on the roads, they are being removed for the safety of drivers.

After a fatal accident more than a year ago, discussions of the safety of guardrails began. While commuting to work, a young man crashed into a guardrail and died. According to the company, the guardrails are designed to telescope, but during the young man's crash, it did not. The company believes that the guardrail did not telescope as designed due to the crash occurring at the wrong angle.

Head-on crash results in woman's death and others injured

Vehicles are amazing inventions. They have propelled our society to places we never dreamed of being by facilitating the transport of people, goods and food. Unfortunately, they can be deadly to humans when serious accidents and crashes occur. A recent Maryland head-on crash resulted in a death and other injuries.

Authorities who are examining evidence of the pending investigation state that witnesses report a van drifted into the shoulder next to its lane of traffic just prior to the collision. Authorities believe the report may indicate that the 42-year-old driver may have then driven into the opposite lane of traffic due to an overcorrection from being in the shoulder. The van crashed into a vehicle driven by a 60-year-old female.

Brain injuries need to be addressed quickly

The impacts of a brain injury can devastate a victim's life. In some cases, the effects are lifelong, but there are times when full recovery is possible. The type of injury, the location of it, and the severity can all affect how the victim's future goes.

Some people falsely believe that there isn't anything wrong if you don't notice the injury right away. The truth is that traumatic brain injuries can be symptom-less for days after they occur. This, coupled with some of the general symptoms that come with these injuries, can make them very dangerous.

Alleged negligent driver causes passenger's death

A crash reconstruction team in Maryland is investigating a vehicle accident to which deputies were called shortly before 10 a.m. on a recent Saturday. A preliminary accident report indicates that a collision occurred at an intersection after an alleged negligent driver disregarded a stop sign. Reportedly, the crash resulted in one person's death.

Deputies explained that a 36-year-old pickup truck driver was eastbound when he entered the intersection without stopping. He then turned south, putting his vehicle directly in the path of a southbound box truck with a 24-year-old driver. The impact of the ensuing collision apparently caused the ejection of a 26-year-old male passenger in the pickup truck.

Unusual Maryland car crash kills 2 victims

Victims of car crashes may have multiple questions following an accident. Most victims first have questions about injuries and medical treatments required. Once the initial healing begins from any injuries suffered, victims may be very curious about how the accident occurred and who may be responsible for paying for mounting medical expenses. Families of deceased victims may have similar questions following an initial grief period once the bills for burial start creating a financial burden. Sadly, one Maryland family is likely having some of those same questions after two victims died following an unusual car crash.

A 37-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman's vehicle had stopped working for an unknown reason. Unfortunately, the vehicle broke down in a terrible location. Reportedly, it was stopped and perpendicular to the fast lane on an interstate.

Trip hazard on sidewalk results in woman's injuries after fall

All Maryland residents are responsible for their own safety and well-being. At times, obstacles and safety issues can prevent maintaining one's own personal safety. After a slip-and-fall accident, one woman claimed that a business owner and the local government's lack of sidewalk maintenance resulted in her injuries. She recently settled with the local government for $19,000.

According to the lawsuit, the woman had just made a purchase inside a liquor store. Upon leaving the store, she tripped over an exposed bolt in the sidewalk. The bolt had been placed to secure some sort of garbage can at one point but was not securing a can at the time of the accident. The trip resulted in the woman suffering injuries.

Hit-and-run accident results in serious injuries for child

Every parent is worried and concerned about the safety and well-being of their children. Sadly, one Maryland mother is currently worrying over her son in a local hospital as he recovers from injuries following an accident. Investigators are currently investigating the hit-and-run accident that resulted in his injuries.

A witness in another vehicle reported seeing a 10-year-boy skateboarding on the side of a road. At some point, he was hit by a yellow van cab. The witness could see the up-and-down motion of the cab when the cab ran over the boy. The cab driver left the scene.

Woman dies following a commercial truck accident

Educators have a lot of impact in the community especially if they remain in one community for many years. Because of the number of students and families an educator will meet and get to know every year, the sudden death of one can result in a community-wide loss. Sadly, one Maryland community is grieving the loss of a skilled educator following a commercial truck accident with her vehicle.

The 63-year-old female who worked for the local board of education for many years was traveling west on a road when her accident occurred. Reportedly, a commercial truck carrying chickens pulled out into her path to turn left onto the road. The vehicles were unable to avoid a collision and the sedan hit the truck on the driver's side of the car.

Airbags: Keeping you alive, but they come with risks

Most people understand that airbags are in vehicles to prevent serious injuries with harsh impacts. Airbags aren't perfect, though, and there is a chance you can still suffer injuries regardless of the number of airbags present. In fact, some people suffer injuries as a result of the airbags deploying, which is a risk in any crash.

There are advantages and disadvantages to airbags. Here are a few things to keep in mind about these potentially harmful or life-shaving features.

Maryland motorcycle crash claims life of young man

There are multiple forms of transportation in Maryland. One form whose use is increasing with warmer, nicer weather is motorcycle riding. There are multiple advantages to using a motorcycle or a bicycle for transportation, such as cost, efficiency and the ability to move through traffic when larger vehicles cannot. As they have advantages, they also have several disadvantages, including potential serious injuries to a rider when a crash occurs. Sadly, one rider recently lost his life when he had a collision with a larger vehicle.

The accident occurred in the evening hours of the night. Reportedly, the sports utility vehicle was attempting to make a left turn at an intersection when the accident occurred. The SUV and the motorcycle crashed into one another. The investigation is still pending. 

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