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Firefighter latest victim in string of traffic accidents in 2017

By its nature, fighting fires is a hazardous occupation when compared with the duties of a tow truck driver. However, for one unfortunate fire fighting lieutenant, his job with a towing company led to him being the latest victim in a string of Maryland traffic accidents. According to the police, he is the 15th person to die in 2017 in Cecil County.

The fatal collision was triggered when a driver purportedly lost control of his vehicle. It then collided with the tow truck that was set up along the shoulder of Interstate 95. The car hit the truck, then the vehicle that was being towed. After that, the vehicle collided with the 51-year-old tow truck operator.

New evidence in the Venus Williams wrongful death lawsuit

The ongoing story of the wrongful death lawsuit lodged against tennis star Venus Williams continues to garner headlines. Some people are troubled by how she is still playing in a tennis tournament while the lawsuit is pending. Others believe that she is simply doing her job as a tennis pro and that she has the right to continue to work since she has not been charged with a crime.

Recent revelations by the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department indicate that she may not be charged with a crime. In the week leading up to Wimbledon (the tournament where Williams is currently playing) authorities believed that she was at fault for the accident because they initially concluded that she entered the intersection illegally.

What Not To Do After A Car Accident

It’s something that most Maryland residents don’t spend much time thinking about, but it can happen any time you get into a motor vehicle. During 2016 alone, more than 40,000 people died in traffic accidents throughout the United States and hundreds of thousands more suffered serious, painful and debilitating injuries.

Let’s face it, no one expects to be involved in a car accident, yet it’s extremely important to know what you should and shouldn’t say and do in the event the unthinkable happens. In fact, mistakes made in the wake of a traffic accident can potentially prevent you from recovering compensation for your injuries and property damage.

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